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So Much to Learn, So Little Time...

What Can You Learn?

Joany currently teaches the following classes:

Belly Dance For Level 1,2,3

Burlesque For Levels 1,2

Hula Dance Fusion For Level 1

Core Dance Footwork For Level 1 

FemFitDance For Level 1

How Does it Work?

 All dance programs have been developed to be followed in a weekly format to ease the learning process. Included is a breakdown and practice video for each class. Our online studio is accessible 24/7 so if you wish to challenge yourself you can complete a full 6 week program (including a full choreography) in a week!

You will have access to all previous live classes, programs, movements breakdowns + loops, dance workouts (FemFitDance) and all classes can be re-watched and practiced as much as needed; our class library is yours to explore and master.


All class levels and genre are included in one monthly membership for $24.49. Easily cancel anytime. Register!




What Our Online Classes Look Like

March 10, 2016

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November 3, 2015

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May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015

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May 6, 2015

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Who Are We?    
Joany Gauvreau Alex Gauvreau


Joany will be your instructor for your stay on FemOnlineDance. She has been teaching for over 8 years with education from world renowned dancers and has built a happy and satisfied student base. Joany's story is what captivated her following; from a depressed overweight single mother to an inspired entrepreneur that shed over 70lbs with her passion for dance.









Alex is here to assist you with your online studio experience. As a design graduate, Alex chose to not only pursue a career in design but also in business. With a high interest in health & dance, she decided to join forces with Joany by offering a service to an online community in which they would benefit from building confidence and gaining a healthy lifestyle.

As a working parent and Masters student in clinical psychology, I dance for fun, friendship, fitness, and to keep myself sane! The online classes really help to keep me motivated between regular classes and workshops. I used to get the urge to work on my dance skills or practice at home, and then would sometimes find myself just standing and thinking "But what should I do?" and end up wasting my precious free time doing nothing. The online classes give me the ideas and choices I need to keep dancing at home.
FemOnlineDance Member
I love the FemOnlineDance for lots of reasons. These include the following: 1) I have my computer hooked up to my TV so I can watch and do the classes in my living room using my large screen TV. There is more room in my living room to really dance. 2) I love all the variety of the different types of classes that I can do. Some days I will do the longer pre-recorded class (e.g. Go Go, Latin, Cowboy Ugly, Pussy Cat) and other days I will do the shorter classes of the week if I don't have as much time. 3) Before FemOnlineDance, I couldn't afford to do all the different classes that were offered that I wanted to, but now... I have access to all the different types of dance classes. Sometimes I will do the Burlesque, sometimes the Hot Hula and sometimes the Core Dance Footwork. I love them all and they all have something different to offer depending on what one likes or what one feels like on a particular day. 4) You can choose to do a cardio workout or the workout I like; which is just dancing. All of the workshops/classes are a great way to keep in shape. 5) I love the songs that Joany uses for the workshops/drills. There is a great variety depending on the type of dance. What she picks really matches the dancing we were learning/doing. 6) I am part of the FemDance Company and Joany has the Choreographies that we will perform posted on the FemOnlineDance. Some days I will just do all the Choreographies to keep them fresh. They are also fun and anyone can learn them. 7) When I dance, I just find that I am smiling and I feel good about myself. It is a good way to un-wind after work (I sit in front of a computer all day)!! Releases all the stress / tension by getting the muscles and the body moving.
FemOnlineDance Member
I really enjoy dancing online with Joany. I love the fact that I can dance whenever I please and take any of the classes that I want and for as long as I want. It is also nice to have Joany in my living room instead of driving to North Bay when I live an hour away from the studio. I would encourage anyone who is wanting to learn how to belly dance and who wants to get into shape in a fun way to try Joany's online classes; It is affordable and easy to access. I am so happy to have this ability to dance with Joany whenever I get the urge to shake my booty!
FemOnlineDance Member
What can I saw about dance? I’m 42, married working mother of two. After having my children, who are now 15 and 11, I struggled with staying active. My desk job does very little to keep my moving, unless you count typing 80 words per min. and wheeling from computer to fax machine in my office chair. Shedding the excess weight became more and more challenging. I attempted various different exercise regiments over the years, including running, home exercise programs and even the gym, but found myself boring of it quickly. But dance has been something that I have been able to embrace and look forward too. I enjoy the classes, the pace and the social aspect. At first, I found myself self-conscious of the way I looked and how I moved, but soon grew to feel more confident about myself as a whole, regardless of my dress size. We look fabulous! The online classes have given me an opportunity to take those teachings and lessons with me, anytime, and anywhere. I have been able to follow lessons, I would not have normally taken in classes, as well as review past classes or brush up on choreographies that I may have forgotten. Joany has inspired me to keep dancing. I make sure I find the time to attend classes, and even practice away from class at home or with others. I find dance very freeing and I always leave a dance session feeling good, energized and in high spirits.
FemOnlineDance Member
The online dance classes have been beneficial to me in more ways than one. I travel a lot for work and when I'm out of town, I can access classes from my laptop or iPad. This allows me to practice steps and dance choreographies I've already learned or if I'm feeling adventurous, choose to learn a new move. Everything you could possibly want in belly dance is online through the Feminicity website.
FemOnlineDance Member
I love the music. I find it helps me remember the step when I can view as needed. The site is also easy to use.
FemOnlineDance Member
It's Not Just Dance, It's a Lifestyle.
    Joany Gauvreau

Joany was not just overweight, she was miserable and ashamed. When she discovered Belly Dance, she decided to give it a try, what was surprising for her is the sense of empowerment she felt when she moved in a way she never thought her body could. She instantly started feeling beautiful, even though her body had not changed yet, how was that possible? The answer is simple; it wasn't the weight change that was going to make her feel beautiful it was her mindset that needed to change, and Belly Dance did just that, the feminine movement combined with the exercise of the Dance created something amazing in Joany's spirit and mind.

Her uplift gave her confidence, motivation and burning desire to push her limits as a women. The weight loss came easy after the shift in mindset because she wanted to treat her body better, she made healthier food choices, made better choices with men and started treating herself like the queen she was.

We would love to see other women transform from the inside out through feminine dances and this is why we are offering our service, an affordable alternative to studio classes and convenient for those who are too busy or just prefer to do when suitable to them. So are you ready to take the leap of faith and see what the art of feminine dance can do for you?

If You're In Town, Drop By Say Hi!

We're located in beautiful North Bay Ontario! So if you're local or passing through make sure to check out our studio schedule and come join a workshop or class! We'd love to meet you :)

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